Lamb of God at Utah State Prison - 2016-17 Samaritan Chorale

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Posted By: Bob Matthews
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Date Posted: Mon, Apr 25 2016
For a second consecutive year, Witness Music was invited to perform Rob Gardner’s “Lamb of God” for inmates at the Utah State Prison in Draper.  This is a very unique opportunity, and we feel it is an important part of our mission, to offer this deeply spiritual and powerful music to those who have a special need.

The prison’s requirements only allow us to take 58 individuals through the prison gates, including any support staff.  So some changes are made to the performance.  Most notably, the choir is less than half the usual size, and they perform without an orchestra.  Last year they sang to a recording of the orchestra music, but this year we decided to sing with the piano part, and one cellist.  Of course, there are also soloists, but we were able to have some soloists perform more than one part.

For more details, check out the entry on our Facebook page, and look for our latest Newsletter.