Witness Music was created out of a vision in the mind of our founder, Garin Hess. In the spring of 2011 he participated in the choir of a performance of Lamb of God in the Salt Lake Tabernacle. This performance was under the baton of the composer, Rob Gardner himself. Garin was deeply moved by the experience and told Rob that he would love to continue to help bring this music to others in the area.  But Rob’s response was that he didn’t anticipate any future performances of Lamb of God in Utah.  So, Garin asked if he could organize and present performances himself, and Rob agreed.

Garin went to work with the support of family and close friends, to put together the organization it would take to make this happen. On January 20, 2012, Witness Music was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Garin served as President of this new corporation, with Tamara McNatt as Secretary and Bart Olsen as Treasurer.

Performances, organizational changes and other events in Utah have been as follows.

Spring 2012

    First Lamb of God performances at Alpine Tabernacle in American Fork, Utah.
    Garin Hess conducting.

Spring 2013
    LOG at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Garin Hess conducting. 
    Jason Robison brought on as Choir Master.
    Bob Matthews brought on as Choir President.

Christmas 2013
    Variety of Christmas music performed at Grand Theater at Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
    Garin Hess and Jason Robison conducting.

Spring 2014
    LOG at Cottonwood High School in Murray, Utah.
    Garen Hess conducting.

Following the 2014 performances several changes were made.  Garin Hess decided to step back from conducting each year so he could turn more attention to overseeing the national organization of Witness Music, which now had several chapters.  He turned what had now become the Utah Chapter over to Jason Robison to serve as Chapter President.

Spring 2015
    St Francis Catholic Church in Orem, Utah.
    Bountiful Regional Center in North Salt Lake, Utah.
    Utah State Prison, Draper, Utah.
    Jason Robison conducted all.
    Jason Robison was serving as President and Bob Matthews as General Manager.

Spring 2016
    Bountiful Regional Center in North Salt Lake, Utah.
    Timpview High School, Provo, Utah.
    Utah State Prison, Draper, Utah.
    Jason Robison conducted all.
    Following all our performances Jason announced he was resigning as President, but would continue as Creative Director and Conductor.  Debbie Bates was selected as the new president.

Summer 2016
    Samaritan Chorale was created as a smaller, auditioned summer chorus.  They performed on July 4 at the American Fork Amphitheater, along with Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band.  They also performed at the Valor House in Salt Lake City and a benefit event at Providence Hall High School.

December 2016
Performed Handel's "Messiah" at Alpine Tabernacle in American Fork, Utah.
    Jason Robison conducted.

Spring 2017
    LOG at Orem High School and Jordan High School.
    Jason Robison conducted.
    Also performed at Utah State Prison in Draper.
    During the months after these performances, Debbie Bates left as President, and Bob Matthews left as General Manager.  Sarah Tveter become the new President.

Spring 2018
    Again LOG at Orem High School and Jordan High School.
    Jason Robison conducted.
    Also performed at Utah State Prison in Draper.
    And for first time performed LOG at Provo Missionary Training Center.    

December 2018
    Choir as guest performers with American Fork Symphony for their Christmas program at American Fork Junior High School.  Jason Robison conducting.
    Bob Matthews returned as Producer for this performance.

Spring 2019
    LOG at Cottonwood High School and MountainView High School in Orem.
    Jason Robison and Shane Mickelsen conducting.
    Performances also at State Prison and Draper and Provo MTC.
    At the end of this season Jason Robison announced he would be leaving to pursue other interests.
    Shane Mickelsen, who had been serving as assistant conductor, would replace Jason.

Spring 2020
Plans were in place to perform at Skyline High School in Salt Lake, and Mountain View High School in Orem.  The choir and orchestra had completed their final rehearsals, when the governor announced that due to the Covid-19 pandemic there would be no more large gatherings.  So all performances were cancelled.

Spring 2021
    Nothing planned for 2021 because of the pandemic.

Spring 2022
    The long-anticipated return of Lamb of God performances were held at Orem High School.
    We did an Easter Sunday performance at the Provo MTC.
    Shane Mickelsen conducted all performances.
Following the season, Sarah Tveter left as President, and Bob Church was selected as the new President. Denisse Vallecillos joined as Assistant Creative Director.

Spring 2023
    Performed five LOG performances in the Show Barn at Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, Utah.
    Also performed at the Provo Missionary Training Center.

    Shane Mickelsen and Denisse Vallecillos conducted.
Spring 2024
    Performed LOG at Jordan High School in Sandy, Utah.
    Also performed at Orem High School in Orem, Utah.
    On March 30 performed LOG at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.
    Shane Mickelsen conducted the evening performances, and Denisse Vallecillos conducted the matinees and the MTC.