There isn't room to post every letter, card and email that we recieve, but here are some that represent
the kinds of messages that come to us.  Thank you to everyone who writes or emails us. 
We really appreciate your comments.

Regarding "Lamb of God"

From our Guestbook:
I just received an excited phone call from my son in the Utah State Correctional facility in Draper. He was so touched by your performance today in place of their normal church services. He couldn't stop talking about it, and wants us to be sure and go to a performance. I want to personally thank you for not forgetting about these men and that they also have loved ones praying for them. Today you are an answer to our prayers for the spirit was truly felt by those in attendance! Thank you for being God's hands, and keep up His divine work!
- Mardyne A.

To all those involved in the most recent production of the "Lamb of God":
Thank you for your sacrifices, your practice and dedication, your testimonies, and your love. This has become one of our all-time favorite events each year. We truly feel and come to better understand our personal relationships with the Savior through hearing your words.
- Jimmy and Brooke F.

Shared on Facebook:
Last night's performance was amazing! The sound mix was the best. We could hear and understand every nuance and innuendo. I brought 15 youth who were moved to tears as was I. Amazing how much talent there was on one stage. We hope you will continue this Easter performance. It has created a new tradition for us.
- Mary J

Our family saw your group perform up at Cottonwood HS a couple of years ago and we enjoyed the performance - although we were way up in the balcony seats and couldn't really see much and understanding the words was a little tough. The performance last night blew me away and exceeded my expectations by miles! It was simply glorious. I'm so impressed with how the production has grown. It really was first rate - choir, orchestra, every soloist - just magnificent.
Please convey my appreciation and gratitude to those who work so hard to put this event together - particularly the youth performance last night. And by way of feedback, the sign language during that performance was a stroke of pure genius. SEVERAL of my young women and leaders commented on how moving it was to watch that performance in conjunction with the concert.
It's an incredible piece of music that is dear to my heart and you all performed it beautifully last night. One of these years I hope to be up there singing in that choir with you!
Thank you thank you for all your work and effort. The spirit last night was incredible.
- Dan and Kim R

I was in attendance at Timpview High School in Provo this past Saturday and wanted to let you know how much my family enjoyed to Lamb of God. I hope I can attend every year and would gladly make the drive to Provo for it. The way everything was conducted seemed perfect to me and inspired wonderful thoughts and insights from the scriptures. I enjoyed the way the performers acted as they sang but did not overact. Masterful I would call it.
Thank you for all you do.
- Joseph S

I want to express my deepest thanks to Witness Music for bringing Lamb Of God to Utah County this past weekend. I sang in the Witness Music Christmas concert with my son and daughter a couple of years ago. I have previously been to Lamb of God performances at the American Fork Tabernacle and Abravanel Hall when my sister and daughter were in the choir. I listen to my Lamb of God recording frequently throughout the year. It is music that helps me through the challenges in my life. The cost and travel time to attend the Lamb of God performances last year prohibited me being able to attend. I was so thankful when I received the e-mail offering free tickets this year. I invited so many people to attend and got tickets for a number of them. In the end, most of the people I invited were unable to go. However, I was able to share the experience with my son and future daughter-in-law and some of her family.
I also want to say that this was far and away the best performance I have been to! I was at the Saturday performance and my heart was filled to overflowing! All of the soloists did such a good job of being spiritually and emotionally engaged even when they were not singing. This created a spiritual synergy that allowed this music to penetrate my soul on a whole new level! I learned so much about myself and how the Savior feels about me and my weaknesses. Peter was my very favorite and had me literally on the forward edge of my seat whenever he sang, especially during "I Cannot Watch Them". I felt as if the dearest and most sacred parts of my testimony were being expressed on stage and I was in a unique position to be allowed to watch them played out. Thank you so much for this hallowed and wonderful experience. It will be uplifting me for days to come! Keep up the hard work. The effects are endless and such a tremendous blessing!
- Amy K

From our Guestbook:
Just wanted to say how amazing and beautiful the Lamb of God music and performance is. I took the family and we were all inspired by it. I had tears in my eyes so many times. My kids were singing/humming the music and wanted to listen to the CD the next day, Thank you so much for sharing your talents and light. So many people benefit from this amazing work, hearing testimony of Jesus Christ in such a powerful .
- Sharleen L.

Received with Donation:
Could it have been better? NO WAY!!! When our deaf son (who signed the part of Pilot) told us about this, we had no idea what we were about to attend! I wept profusely as I watch the actors and listened to the beautiful and magnificent voices of those soloists. Through Mo-Tab I was associated with Bart (Thomas) and the announcer Nathan. Please continue to incorporate the ASL in future productions. The feeling that is seen as they interpret adds so much to a production that it hard to believe that anything COULD be added to. Thanks so much for an uplifting evening!

I first heard of the Lamb of God from some mutual friends when I lived near Rob Gardner in AZ. I went to the performance, bought the CDs, and have listened to them virtually nonstop for the last 4 years, never tiring of the uplifting message that brings me closer to the Savior, and so accurately describes my unbounded love for Him.
Thank you so much for making this available to so many as we all need to feel that closeness to the One who heals our sorrows and brings so much joy into life!
- Cathy H


Regarding The Performers in general

"Thank you for your wonderful donations and continued support to the veterans! - Kami Finch
"Thank you Witness Music for your generous support and donations to Valor House and the veterans. We look forward to an ongoing partnership.
- Saul A___
- Valor House